Two minutes with a Thunder Massager device will invigorate and energise you body. Wake up your muscles before a workout, and boost your recovery after a hard workout. Use on any part of the body, take it anywhere, and with a long-lasting Li-ion batteries use all week with a single charge.


All our recovery devices are high powered, with multiple speed settings to loosen knots, remove fatigue and promote speedy recovery.


We prefer to use high quality materials and componentry like an aluminium body and durable brushless motors so our devices are quiet and longer lasting.


Long lasting batteries and high quality materials, we aim to provide the highest quality sports recovery devices at a competitive price.

The Thunder Stack

Holiday Bundle 1


The Original and Thunderball Bundle. Save $99.

Holiday Bundle 2


The Mini Thunder Massager, and Shockwave Roller. Save $150.

Thunder Massager


The Original and powerful Thunder Massager in midnight black. Comes with a carry case, four versatile attachments and AU/NZ charger.

Thunder Massager


The Mini Thunder Massager packs serious power in a small portable size. Comes with a carry case, four versatile attachments and a USB-C to recharge on the go.

Vibrating Foam Roller


The Shockwave has got your back! With a soft exterior and a solid interior combined with a powerful vibrating action and four intensity settings. Make the most of foam rolling with the power of vibration therapy. Comes with AU/NZ charger.

Vibrating Massage Ball


Designed to provide the same powerful massage to focus areas, especially those hard to reach knots in the middle and upper back. Relieve the tension in your neck, back, and shoulders with the powerful Thunderball. Four speed settings and rechargable


Star Rating


Good quality product, built to last, ideal to use in clinical setting and excellent on individual bases

Star Rating


Best service and the best massager gun I have used. Awesome for daily use, mainly after your hard training. Long battery life. Highly recommended.

Star Rating

Abbas Murrani

Incredibly effective product. I had consistent pain from exercise - the pain quickly disappeared after using this massager. Easy to use and the different heads make it easy to target problem areas.

Star Rating


I love my Thunder Massager! I injured my elbow couple years back and I’ve been using the thunder for a few months now. My arm, neck and shoulder is so much more relaxed and has vastly reduced my daily aches. I don’t know what I’d do without it! High

Star Rating


I have used several massage guns in my clinic and the Thunder Massage gun is the best. Powerful but quiet so I can communicate well with my patients.

Star Rating


I have the original thunder and its been amazing for my back pain. Battery lasts for a long time and I take it with me everywhere.

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